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How It Works


Optimal Air Flow

Cannaflow draws in conditioned air from the bottom of the aisles & delivers optimal air flow vertically up through the canopy



Sanitized Air

Crop Health

Air is thoroughly sanitized before flowing upward eliminating harmful, stagnant air under the canopy

Crop health flourishes as microclimates are eliminated with each new grow cycle free of mold, mildew and viruses


Our Products

Single-Tier System

Multi-Tier System

Cannaflow's Single-Tier Air Flow System delivers bottom-up laminar flow of conditioned & sanitized air through the canopy in single-tier bench environments

Cannaflow's Multi-Tier System expands on Single-Tier with an additional top-drawn exhaust unit providing laminar flow & pulling heat from LED lights overhead

Cannaflow Air System Features

The First True Bottom Up Laminar Air Flow System


Bottom Up Laminar Flow Supply


Integrated Mold Busters Bi-polar Ionization

Eliminates stagnant air through canopy and delivers conditioned and CO2 enriched air back through the aisles

Air is sanitized killing mold, powdery mildew and viruses


High Flow + High Static Supply Fans 

Delivers up to 2000 cfm airflow through minimal sized duct


Flexible Antibacterial Poly-duct

Designed for optimum air velocity to penetrate through canopy


Ultra Slim Design Vertical Fan 


Multi-position Mounts

Maximizes floor space and has zero obstruction into an aisle

Universal mounting compatibility fits all manufacturers


Top Drawn Exhaust


Adjustable Baffles

Pulls heat and humidity away from canopy completing the circuit for a true Laminar Flow System

Adjustable baffles allow for perfect air balance across the length of the duct


Why Us

Cannaflow Air Systems is revolutionizing the way air is circulated and sanitized in your single or multi-tier grow rooms. Create stable & consistent environments by eliminating micro-climates with the only air flow system that provides truly vertical laminar flow from the bottom-up

Bottom-up Laminar Flow Supply

Integrated Moldbuster Bipolar Ionization

Ultra Slim Design Vertical Fan


Customer Feedback

“Our Cannaflow system is spectacular! We've never seen a setup with below the canopy airflow and it's a huge reason why our grows are better than ever”


Cannaflow FAQ


What is Bottom-Up Laminar Air Flow?


How does Cannaflow reduce mold & mildew?


Laminar air flow is when air travels in a smooth, regular path. Cannaflow's Bottom-up laminar flow starts this path underneath the canopy leaves exiting above the plants.


As clean, sanitized air is sent through the canopy from below, the stagnant air micro-climates acting as breeding grounds for mold, mildew & virus growth are broken up.


What happens after I request a quote?


Does Cannaflow work with my rack or bench unit?


After requesting a quote (here) our team will receive the information you provided and contact you with an estimate price & project timeline.


Yes! Cannaflow is compatible with all major rack & bench dimensions.


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